Klee Benally, musical director, editor and assistant producer of Greening the Revolution, has spent the entirety of the Covid pandemic providing solidarity in the form of direct aid to Natives in Northern Arizona, especially folks without shelter, and to hot spots on the Navajo reservation. Donate to Kinlani Mutual Aid.


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klee mtn sam minklerGreening the Revolution would not have been. possible with out the generosity, countless hours, amazing creativity, detailed editing, original music and political commitment of activist, organizer, editor and musician, Klee Benally, founder of Indigenous Action Media. Benally (Dine’) has been a media activist for more than 10 years, producing documentaries and features, including The Snowbowl Effect, a feature documentary which has been screened internationally and currently used in university teaching curriculums, as well as the award-winning feature, Power Lines. Benally is project coordinator of Indigenous Action Media ( In 2004, Klee helped start Outta Your Backpack Media, an Indigenous youth empowerment project that focuses on media literacy and media justice for Indigenous communities. He has also been an entertainer with the Native American Music Award-winning rock group Blackfire.

Indigenous Action (IA/originally Indigenous Action Media) was founded on August 25th, 2001 to provide strategic communications and direct action support for Indigenous community’s sacred lands defense. We are a radical volunteer crew of anti-colonial & anti-capitalist Indigenous media makers & agitators that work together on a project by project basis for liberation for Mother Earth and all her beings. Over the years we’ve organized hundreds of actions, marches, banner drops, workshops, conferences, benefits, and much more.


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IA also offers communications strategy & direct action consultation and support. We do this through Taala Hooghan Infoshop, direct support, workshops, web and graphic design services, documentaries and youth empowerment projects such as Outta Your Backpack Media.