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Anartist Films wishes everyone health and safety during this difficult time, as well as resistance to this President and current political system that especially and purposefully wounds and kills the most vulnerable. We celebrate and stand in solidarity with the incredible protests and demonstrations of Black Lives Matters and the movements for Indigenous justice, recognizing that race in the United States has always been the dividing force between a unified working class rising up to erode imperialism and our current economic system that values and defends profits over human life and the natural world.

While production on IGNITE is currently on hold due to Covid restrictions, Director Katie Curran is currently working on Stabilized and Politicized with Side Effects, a book of interviews about mental health justice.

We hope Greening the Revolution, which especially focused on how the 2008 and 2011 economic crises affected the food supply, corporate profits, poverty and violence against protesters and farmers, may offer special insight now into the nature of recent economic crisis, so that tolls on the most vulnerable, this time, may be lessened.

Before Covid, we spent several years visiting various locations to tell specific stories related to the root causes of sexual assault, movements for women’s freedom and community healing for our new documentary, IGNITE. We are half-way through production, having completed shoots in Ecuador and Argentina, on reservations in New York and Canada, at the Standing Rock Encampment and during teacher strikes in Arizona and Oklahoma. Though nothing seems possible to predict right now, we plan that future shoots include Kurdish areas of Syria, India, Ireland, the Blackfeet reservation and Atlanta, Georgia. As with most crisis, the brunt of injustices related to Covid are disproportionately affecting women, especially women of color, refugees, immigrants and most of all, the working class and poor women of the Global South.