Mmanu gmoanu Chao

"La Despedida"
Performed by: Manu Chao
Written by: Manu Chao
Published by: Because Music, Rhino Entertainment
Featured in the first segment on the Zapatistas
Performed by: Manu Chao
Written by: Manu Chao
Published by: Because Music, Rhino Entertainment
Featured in segment on globalization
“Sone Otro Mundo”
Performed by: Manu Chao
Written by: Manu Chao
Published by: Nacional Records, Because Music,
Virgin Records
Featured in the segment on Haiti

Manu Chao believes that our world lacks spaces for "collective therapy" and describes his concerts as small temporary spaces where people of different backgrounds can come together. This reflects Chao's own political leanings—he is very close to the Zapatistas and their public spokesman, Subcomandante Marcos. With friends and his brother Antoine Chao, he founded the band Mano Negra in 1987, achieving considerable success, particularly in Europe. He became a solo artist after its breakup in 1995, and since then tours regularly with his live band, Radio Bemba. Manu Chao donated all the music played in the film -- Thank you, Manu Chao.
 klee mtn sam minkler

Klee Benally

Original instumental compositions

Performed by: Klee Benally
Written by: Klee Benally
Published by: Anartist Films
Featured throughout the film

Klee is a massively talented musician, editor, filmmaker, friend and fellow activist. His donation of time and talent made this film possible.  

amadou manuAmadou & Mariam

Senegal Fast Food”
Performed by: Amadou and Mariam
Written by: Amadou and Mariam
Published by: Because Music, Nonesuch Records
Featured in the end credits

The story begins more than a quarter of a century before ‘Dimanche à Bamako’ when, in 1977, Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia met whilst attending the Institute for Young Blind in Bamako. As Amadou puts it: ''Sharing music and ideas with other musicians and finding new ways to express yourself is the most exciting thing you can do as a musician. This album is the result of those meetings and opportunities." Produced by and featuring Manu Chao, 'Dimanche à Bamako' propelled the Malian duo high into the French charts and won them both a prestigious Les Victoires de la Musique award (the French equivalent of the Grammys) and two BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music. Amadou & Mariam and Manu Chao donated all the music played in the film -- Thank you, Amadou & Mariam and Manu Chao.

David Rovicsrovics

Performed by: David Rovics
Written by: David Rovics
Published by: David Rovics
Featured in the segment on GMOs
"A Kiss Behind the Barricade"
Performed by: David Rovics
Written by: David Rovics
Published by: David Rovics
Featured in the end credits

David Rovics grew up in a family of classical musicians in Wilton, Connecticut, and became a fan of populist regimes early on. By the early 90’s he was a full-time busker in the Boston subways and by the mid-90’s he was traveling the world as a professional flat-picking rabble-
rouser. These days David lives in Portland, Oregon and tours regularly on four continents, playing for audiences large and small at cafes, pubs, universities, churches, union halls and protest rallies. He has shared the stage with a veritable who’s who of the left in two dozen countries, and has had his music featured on Democracy Now!, BBC, Al-Jazeera and other networks. The 200+ songs he makes available for free on the web have been downloaded more than a million times. He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will make the revolution irresistible. David donated both songs for the GTR soundtrack (and makes all his music free to the public for listening) -- thank you, David.TMJ Pic


"Pou Li"
Performed by: TMJ
Written by: TMJ
Published by: Family Senci
Featured in the opening segment/montage
TMJ is an incredibly talented young music group from Haiti -- TMJ stands for Tout Moun Jwenn, meaning:
TOUT => All MOUN => People JWENN => Find
Featured artists include Mazou, M-Jay, Woolens and Andy.
Thank you, TMJ, for sharing your amazing music!

Immortal Technique

“Instrumental”immortal technique from facebook page
Performed by: Immortal Technique
Written by: Immortal Technique
Published by: Viper
Featured in the segment about globalization

Felipe Andres Coronel (born February 19, 1978), better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, is an American rapper and urban activist. Born in a military hospital in South America, Immortal Technique was brought to the United States in the early 80’s while a civil war was breaking out in his native Peru. The US supported puppet democracy and Guerilla factions were locked in a bitter struggle which ended like most do in Latin America, with the military and economic aid of the State Dept. through channels like the CIA. Although he had escaped the belligerent poverty and social turmoil of life in the 3rd world, he was now residing in Harlem which had its own share of drama. Growing up on the streets of New York, the young man became enamored with Hip Hop culture, writing graffiti and starting to rhyme at an early age. Although he frequently cut school and ended up being arrested time and time again for his wild behavior, the kid still managed to finish high school and got accepted to a state university. Most of his lyrics focus on controversial issues in global politics. His lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as class strugglesocialismpovertyreligiongovernmentimperialism and institutional racism. Immortal Technique donated his song for the soundtrack -- thank you so much!
Immortal Technique has voiced a desire to retain control over his production, and has stated in his music that record companies, not artists themselves, profit the most from mass production and marketing of music. 

Girls from the SEABA International School in Lehragaga, Punjab, IndiaIndia PunjabiGirls2 small

"Traditional Punjabi Folk Songs"
Performed by: Girls from the SEABA International

Public School in Lehragaga, Punjab, India
Written by: Traditional 
Featured in the segment on India

These beautiful girls and their teacher performed a private concert for us against the backdrop of corn fields. Tuhāḍā dhanavāda.


Aztlan Underground


"Light Shines"
Performed by: Aztlan Underground
Written by: Aztlan Underground
Published by: XRF
Featured at the end of the segment on globalization and police violence

Boukman Eksperyans

www.boukmaneksperyans.comboukman highres

 Ulaliulali members

Performed by: Ulali
Written by: Ulali
Published by: Smithsonian Folkways
Featured in the segment on the White Earth reservation

In ancient times a Tuscarora woman carried the name "ULALI for her beautiful voice.  "ULALI" is a songbird (Wood Thrush) name given to Pura Fe, Soni and Jennifer. We are a First Nations women a cappella trio that sing music in the many styles and languages of our ancestors in the western hemisphere. We do not call ourselves "Native American" because our blood and people were here long before this land was called the Americas. Ulali also donated the use of their gorgeous son, "Mother".

Lily T 

Performed by: Lily Tembo
Written by: Lily Tembo
Published by: Mondo Music
Featured in the segment on Zambia

Lily Tembo (November 20, 1981 – September 14, 2009), professionally known as Lily T, was a magnificently talented Zambian musician, radio presenter, journalist and charity worker who had won national acclaim with her 2004 debut album Lily T. For this album, she received two awards.
Tembo had released two albums and was working on a third at the time of her death. Aside from singing, she was known for presenting on the 5th FM Radio in Zambia, working as a journalist and involvement in charity work. Thank you, Lily T. Rest in Peace.
Comandanta Ramona by bastian

Zapatista Comandanta Esther

“Nosotros somos El Ejercito Zapatista”

Performed by: Comandanta Ester, P18
Written by: Comandanta Ester, P18
Published by: Ezln2010---ZapatistaAudioCompilation Pt1
Featured in the last segment on the Zapatistas

Speaking for the EZLN, Comandanta Esther addressed the Congress of the Union in March, 2001, in the San Lazaro Legislative Palace, Mexico City.
“My voice” –she said– “did not come to ask for charity. My voice came to ask for justice, liberty and democracy for the Indian peoples. My voice demanded, and demands, the constitutional recognition of our rights and our culture.”

Aries 4Rce BeatZaries

“Smooth Violin - GefÜhlvoller”
Written by: Aries 4Rce BeatZ
Produced by: Aries 4Rce BeatZ
Published by: Soundcloud
Featured in the segment on globalization and police violence

Mike Köhler
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Mike offers free music and tutorials on Soundcloud and Youtube -- Danke!!!

Mike Fialho (SATORI0320)Mike Fialho

Spanish Fly”
Written by: Soundcloud
Produced by: Mike Fialho (SATORI0320)
Published by: Soundcloud
Featured in the last segment on the Zapatistas

Thanks for your Creative Commons music, Mike!

Spike Gonzospike

“Spanish Hip-hop”
Written by: Spike Gonzo
Produced by: Spike Gonzo
Published by: Soundcloud
Featured in the last segment on the Zapatistas

Regensburg, Germany -- Thanks for your Creative Commons music, Spike! Danke!

Alper Ortac (alp82)

“Spanish Funk”
Written by: Alper Ortac (alp82)
Published by: Alper Ortac (alp82)
Published by: Soundcloud
Featured in the last segment on the Zapatistas

Alper is from Kassel, Germany (and this logo is from his Soundcloud page) -- Danke, Alper!

Andrew “Ardy” Davies

“A Piece for Strings - i. Intro-Popular Strings”
Produced by: Andrew “Ardy” Davies
Produced by: Andrew “Ardy” Davies
Published by: Soundcloud
Featured in the segment on Zambia

Hertford, United Kingdom -- Thanks for your Creative Commons music, Andrew!
mama lisa

Mama Lisa's World

“The Alphabet Song in French”

Mama Lisa’s World 
Featured in the segment on Haiti
Thank you Mama Lisa and your wonderful collection of children's world music!
Zambia MamaAfrica copy small


Performed by: Mama Africa

Written by: Unknown/Traditional
Featured in the segment on Zambia

"Mama Africa" sang this to me in the fields of her farm. This photo was taken after interviewing her and her daughter about their work empowering Zambian women through farming - thank you for your work and your music!


“Que Verde”

Written and Performed by: Member of the MST, Brazil

Published by: Landless Workers Movement
Featured in the segment on Brazil and the MST

This song (that I absolutely love) was sung by an anonymous member of the MST, one of the most courageous movements in the world achieving real change.